Type-A business cards

I just got a set of business cards made, and it was a small batch so on the advice of my designer I tried out Moo’s Luxe line. When I received them, I realised how thick and non-pliant they were and the very first thought that occurred to me was:

Nobody’s using my cards to roll filters.

Some people would be complimented if someone used their business cards to enjoy a spliff, while others inexplicably don’t like the idea. Personally I can take it or leave it, but what if you wanted to project an type-A image?

Type-As attract type-As, so the ultimate type-A develops his brand for the consumption of other type-As. That means a business card optimised for spliff construction will be a miss with this segment.

…weed and type A have never mixed.

So no, a business card well suited for spliff rolling is not optimised for type A consumption.

What you want is a card like a thin piece of smooth mirror-like glass for your type A contemporaries to do lines off.

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