Getting started with the InfluxDB Python client

InfluxDB reminds me of Acunu Analytics in many ways, with some important advantages. For one thing, it’s free, so I can use it now even though I’m no longer with Acunu.

Performance analysis work beckons, and I’m in need of a time-series data wrangler, so I figured I’d give InfluxDB a spin. On top of being free, there’s even a brew formula for it, so getting it up and running is as simple as:

  1. brew install influxdb
  2. influxdb -config=/usr/local/etc/influxdb.conf

So far so good. But then things got a bit frustrating for me because I couldn’t find a really simple bit of sample client code in Python. I ended up cobbling together this:

Submitted for your consideration, you who is looking to quicken your InfluxDB/Python quickstart.

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