Fun facts from Alexa’s ‘Top Sites in Malaysia’

Alexa’s Top Sites in Malaysia ranking makes for pretty amusing reading. I have no deep insight to offer, but here’s a snapshot of interesting things I found.

  1. Facebook is number 1. No surprise there.
  2. I had never heard of Taiwanese site, which comes in at number 7. According to Google Translate their lead headline at the moment is “Female reporter was brutally gang-raped 460 days Somali bandits, robbers also forced to give birth to a child” and they even have an image to accompany the headline.
  3. Coming in at number 10, the first home-grown Malaysian site on the list… Maybank2u. Phishers take note. No other banks appear for a while (the next is CIMBclicks at 24).
  4. The Star is just ahead of Malaysiakini, 25 and 26 respectively.
  5. Xvideos and Xhamster make it into the top-50, at 40 and 48 respectively.
  6. The only .gov site in the top-50,, square at number 50. No idea what the appeal might be. Maybe students/teachers have to use it for some reason?
  7. Utusan crawls in at 57. Well behind Xvideos and Xhamster. Justice is served.
  8. Berita Harian is fighting it out with at 64 and 63 respectively.
  9. Github makes it into the top-200, at 190. This seemed pleasantly high to me, but then globally Github comes in at number 114, so Malaysia is actually behind the curve. Okay but never mind how we measure up globally, we’re Malaysian, how the fuck do we compare against Singapore? For Singapore, Github is at number 128. Not only do they beat Malaysia, those kiasu jerks even managed to peg it at a power of two just to show off. Nevermind, it’s a stupid measure anyway.
  10. appears to be a homegrown effort at a porn portal, coming in at 319, which is not to be sneezed at coming on top of sites like,,, and

One day when I have all the time in the world, trawling through the sites from top to N might prove to be an illuminating experience.

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