Malaysia still lacking OKFN index data

This tweet caught my attention:

Some time ago I put in a bit of work on Malaysia’s entry in the OKFN Global Open Data Index survey. It was the first entry for Malaysia. I then shared the link in the usual places hoping to get more submissions, but now that I check back I see that there have been none.

Malaysians are quick to point out that the Malaysian government has a lacklustre commitment to Open Data. Be that as it may, I think a bit more effort from citizenry is warranted in this particular area. Fleshing out the OKFN Global Open Data Index entry is not the sole responsibility of the Malaysian government [1]; it is the responsibility of all stakeholders. In fact, if it were just the Malaysian government that fleshed it out, it would be basically useless because it would not be a credibly balanced view.

[1] Update: the OKFN have clarified that actually governments aren’t allowed to make contributions at all.

An index like this is valuable for a number of reasons:

  1. It provides the ability to compare a country against other countries considered it’s peers; e.g. Malaysia may want to compare herself to Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc.
  2. It provides a baseline to track progress over time.
  3. It clearly highlights areas in the most need for work.

I hope more Malaysians will contribute to this.

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