Thoughts on Calendata going premium

I’m not aware of any specific details about this, but it seems Calendata is going premium:

screencap 4th Dec 2014

screencap 4th Dec 2014

Who might pay for such a thing? I might have.

I used to be a meetup organiser (now the meetups are taken care of by others and I just tumpang glamour), and like any meetup organiser I suffered great anxiety that noone would turn up, especially since Big Data Malaysia had never “settled” on a fixed place or time of month – a move that we decided was necessary to broaden group base and culture, and maintain independence.

When you’re organising events, a particular risk factor is that your event would clash with some other more popular event. My experience has told me that in reality the weather has a far bigger impact on turnout than anything else, but you never really feel like you’ve done your due diligence unless you know everything else that is going on for two weeks on either side of your proposed event date.

That’s where Calendata has proven very valuable to me in the past; with Calendata that due diligence gets done in 30 seconds.

Since event organising isn’t my problem anymore I don’t personally feel compelled to pay for Calendata anymore, nor can I strongly recommend it; especially if it’s behind a paywall, it becomes hard to assess the value of the service (a trial period and no/low commitment would probably make sense).

For me the main value proposition of Calendata has been comprehensive data. There have been times where I’ve had to email Calendata to let them know about upcoming Big Data Malaysia events, though sometimes they pick them up on their own. If they hide the service behind a paywall, that can only mean fewer eyeballs and less visibility in general – so will organisers bother to get their events listed? Probably not. That means the onus is on Calendata to get all the data themselves.

The reason I visited Calendata this morning was to get a quick look at what’s on for a period of time when I’ll be back in KL. I guess I can no longer use the service like that. In any case, I have found Nadia from Calendata a pleasure to communicate with, courteous and professional, so all the best to them!

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